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Who We Are

RAW Marketing is a results-driven marketing firm focused on brand discovery, marketing strategy, employee engagement and employee & customer experience.

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Driving real results for you and your brand is critical to our success and well-being and why we put so much emphasis on go-to-market strategies.

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Your brand is the essence - the heart - of your company or product. It is what you and you alone can say and what makes you truly unique in the market.

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Employee & Customer Experience

Getting to know and understand your customers and employees and what motivates them is one of the most fun and rewarding things we do at RAW. 

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Let's get RAW

Your logo is not your brand! Your brand is the essence of who you are and is developed from within your organization. Now, more than ever, it is critical to define your brand to cut through a fragmented market and drive profitable growth and employee retention. Your brand is reflected in everything you do from sales and customer acquisition to employee recruitment and retention. It takes an expert to help your team identify your brand ~ what it is that none of your competitors can say, that makes you truly unique, that makes customers and potential employees choose you over your competition, and makes them stay! Once that brand is discovered, and your pillars are in place, the possibilities are endless!

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Raw (adjective) \rȯ\:

being in or nearly in the natural state; not processed or purified; not diluted or blended;

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Our complimentary assessment is a one-hour session to discuss your organization’s goals – and pain points. We begin by truly getting to know you and your needs. It is this assessment that sets us along the path of discovery.

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Whether we are working together to discover your brand, take a new product to market, generate sales, recruit employees, or understand customer satisfaction, our discovery process is where the real work begins. We collaborate with you and key members of your organization to develop the key themes and messaging that carry into the plan.

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Our planning process includes everything from brand strategy to social media strategy; employee retention plans to recruitment campaigns; customer journey mapping to customer experience strategy and everything in between. It provides the overall blueprint for our work together.

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Now let’s tell your story! Shout it from the rooftops in fact! Bringing the plan to life can take many forms from digital and email campaigns; to social media and blog posts; trade advertising and affinity marketing; recruitment ads and employee promotions; to customer loyalty programs and reach back campaigns.

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We take time during the assessment and discovery processes to set KPIs and overall goals to measure our success. The plan is developed and executed with these goals in mind. We constantly monitor and adjust tactics based on performance. It is this process that ensures results.